On Going Projects


Modernization - Krishna delta system channelisation of Budemeru Drain (Below Enekepadu UT to Kolleru Lake) from Km.12.000 to Km.34.00 - EPC Turnkey System.Agt.Value.Rs.2500.00 Lakhs

Modernization - Godavari Delta Improvement to Yerracalva and construction of CM&CD works from Km.7.00 to Km.33.390 - EPC System in W.G.Dist. Agt.Value.Rs.8250.10 Lakhs

Rehabilitation and Modernisation of Distribuotry system under Distributory committee NO.2, Gurazala of Nagarjuna Sagar Jawahar Canal, AP., India. Agt.Value.Rs.1003.70 Lakhs

Modernization of Godavari delta system- Kalipatnam main channel with branches from km 0.00 to 3.881 of G&V canal. Agt.Value.Rs.907.00 Lakhs

Protecting the eroded and slipped River margin by constructing the Groynes and providing Pitching and Revetment in between KM. 18.000 to 20.000 of G.R.B Flood Bank in Merlapalem village limits of Atreyapuram Mandal in East Godavari District. Agt. Value.Rs.714.00 Lakhs

Restoration of tank bund, supply channels & surplus arrangements of Vipparla East tank near Vipparla village in Rompicherla Mandal,Guntur Dist. Agt.Value.Rs.100.00 Lakhs

Closing breach, Reconstruction of sluice No.3, Repairs to sluices and bund of Krosuru MI Tank near Krosuru Village & Mandal Guntur Dist. Agt.Value.Rs.109.00 Lakhs


Bagalkot Kudachi New BG-Line - Earth Work and construction of bridge Between Km.25.00 to km.33.00 Including Shifting of Electrical Crossing RSR - SVIPL(JV) . Agt.Value Rs.2033.00 Lakhs

Earth Work in cutting, Filling, blanketing, compaction, construction of Minor Bridges, Drain in Reach -IX from 22.00 Km to 24.00 Km in connection with construction of NEW BG Rail line B/W TORI - SHIVPUR in Latehar Dist. RSR INFRA- JGB(JV) Agt.Value.RS.6499.00 Lakhs

HOSPET - GUNDA Road Junction, Construction of new line between Vyasa colony (Ch.16750) to Gunda road Junction (Ch.16750) (Swamihalli line) Reach - II B/w Km.10/300 to 19/350 (M/S RSR INFRA -VGG -BUSHAN CONSTRUCTIONS(JV) Agt.value.Rs.1404.00 Lakhs

Infra Structure

Construction of Railway of Railway over Bridge at Dwarapudi in Lieu of LC No. 410 at Railway Km 598/18-20 of Vijayawada Visakhapatnam District Agt. Value of Rs.1818.00 Lakhs

Construction of 10000 MT capacity Godowns including ancillary works in AMC site at Donkinavalasa, Vizianagaram District. Agt. Value of Rs.506.00 Lakhs

Development of Eco-Park at Kadiyapulanka (M) Kadiyam (M), E.G.Dist. Agt. Value of Rs.237.01 Lakhs