Construction Strategy

RSR INFRA WORKS (INDIA) PVT. LTD., continues to focus on the construction marked as a strategic activity, based on sound growth and profitability, considerable to generate cash flow, funding the company's diversification and international expansion. RSR keep objectives in construction, maintaining its leading position in the sector and seek greater growth based on:

- Exceptional growth in projects and increasing the number of new contracts with private sector customers.

- Increase construction work through direct and indirect (other company businesses such as infrastructure and services) involvement in construction projects under the new private financing formulas.

- Increase the stable international presence in markets chosen because of their stability and future growth capacity.

- Improve profitability by carefully selecting projects, prioritizing returns over volume, seizing opportunities and synergies through coordination between the various construction businesses and the group's other activities, creating value and gaining a competitive edge by providing solutions and technology, improving productivity by using new technology, always satisfying the customer needs (improving quality in construction, environmental management etc.)