Board of Managing Directors & Directors

Sri.R.Subba Raju
Chairman & Managing Director

A company, its culture and its character are all a reflection of its founder. RSR Infra Works (India) Pvt. Ltd., took shape in the mind and heart of our Chairman and Founder, Sri R. SUBBARAJU. He conceived the organization, fuelled it with his vision and steered its growth. If today RSR is a trusted and revered organization, it is because of the hard work of this great man.

A humanitarian by heart, SRI R.SUBBA RAJU established schools, community halls, built temples, Organised Medical Camps and Green City Campaigns in Rajahmundry involved in many more charitable initiatives.

Executive Director

The Executive Director Mr R. GOPAL KRISHNA, son of Sri. R. SUBBA RAJU brought a brand new phase to the company, being the energetic self, with his profound knowledge, natural flair and with no limits to his calibre, striving hard to make the company achieve the remarkable success and leave his mark as a leader.

Executive Director is an young and dynamic person holding second highest position in the company. He is an Engineering Graduate and had obtained MBA from UK, has brilliant academic record and managerial skills to run the organization more competitively utilizing the right recourses, Financial, Machinery, Man Power planning and optimum utilization to make maximum impact. He took the initiative to start the BAI, Rajahmundry Chapter and is the Secretary of BAI, Rajahmundry. A part from his regulator Schedule, He is Rotarian and New generation Director in Rotary River City Rajahmundry. He is very much active in a lot of social activities and helping hand to many.

Smt. R.Mahalakshmi,

Smt. R.Mahalakshmi, W/o. R. SUBBA RAJU has been serving the role as a Director ever since the company was formed. She plays a key role in improving employee engagements and cash management strategies. She is the founder trustee of "RSR Foundation" formed in 9th July, 2013. She very helpful to the rural women societies and a remarkable place and a lovable person in lot of temples and old age homes.

Smt. R. Lavanya

Smt. R. Lavanya W/o. R. Gopal Krishna, has been serving the role as a Director ever since the company was founded. She plays a key role in improving employee engagements, increasing the depth of services, monitoring financial reports and cash management strategies.