On Going Projects


Rehabilitation and Modernization of Distributory system under Distributory committee No.2, Gurazala of Nagarjuna Sagar Jawahar Canal, AP., India. Agt.Value.Rs.1369.70 Lakhs

Slice-3: Rehabilitation and Modernization of Minor Canal system under WUAs-40 – Pilutla – II and 41 Morjampadu of Distributory Committee 5 Piduguralla of Nagarjunasagar Jawahar Canal, A.P. India, Package No.RC-GNT-WUA-40 and 41” . Agt.Value.Rs.456.70 Lakhs

“Rehabilitation and Modernization of Minor Canal System under WUAs–374 -Gonugunta –I and 377 – Pulikonda of Distributory committee 45 Chimakurhty-II of Nagarjunasagar Jawahar Canal, AP, India–Package No. RC-Pra-WUAs-374 & 377”. Agt.Value.Rs.429.70 Lakhs


Doubling between Yelhanka - Penukonda, Earth work in cutting embankment and constructions of Minor Bridges side drains trolley refuges toe wall retaining wall gate lodge extension of RUB’s / LC’s and other connected works between Oddarahalli- Thondebhavi from Km 45/000 to 64/000. RSR INFRA- KICPL (JV) . Agt.value.Rs.3816.45 Lakhs

Arsikere - Tumkur Doubling Project executing of various works in connection with earth work and minor bridges, side drains, limited height subways (RUBs) and gate lodges etc., between Arsikere and Honnavalli Road station (Excluding Arsikere and Honnavalli Road yard RSR-SVIPL (JV) . Agt.value.Rs.2700.00 Lakhs

Earth Work in cutting, Filling, blanketing, compaction, construction of Minor Bridges, Drain in Reach -IX from 22.00 Km to 24.00 Km in connection with construction of NEW BG Rail line B/W TORI - SHIVPUR in Latehar Dist. Jharkhand State. RSR INFRA-JGB(JV) Agt.Value.RS.6499.00 Lakhs


“Extension of Runway and Strengthening / Resurfacing of existing Runway along with Construction of Isolation Bay, Pavement against Blast Erosion & RESA and other allied works at Rajahmundry Airport” . Agt. Value of Rs.10494.05 Lakhs

Construction of Railway of Railway over Bridge at Dwarapudi in Lieu of LC No. 410 at Railway Km 598/18-20 of Vijayawada Visakhapatnam District. Agt. Value of Rs.1818.00 Lakhs

Providing CC Roads and Drains in Anaparthy, G. Mamidada in East Godavari District . Agt. Value of Rs.300.00 Lakhs

Construction of 30 bedded community Health Centre of Anaparthy in E.G. Dist . Agt. Value of Rs.270.00 Lakhs